expanded polystyrene lightweight shipping pallets

EcoPallet is much lighter than wood and plastic pallets, less expensive to purchase, maintain, and is fully certified to ship worldwide. With EcoPallets patented solution, contents of shipments are safer, and freight cost savings are significant. On average EcoPallet saves 25% compared to wood pallets, and 32% to plastic pallets.

  • the EcoPallet solution is the best for every business

  • Since 1920 wood pallets relatively unchanged, 15-25kgs of dead weight, prone to bug infestation and mold

  • plastic pallets require constant cleaning due to a porous surface material, inability to repair damaged pallets, prone to surface bacteria

load capacity

load capacity for EcoPallet is 2000kg static ~ 1500kg dynamic. Strong enough for warehousing and storage, intercity transport, manufacturing facilities, and heavy export.

shock absorbent

built with an EPS core EcoPallet shock-absorbing qualities exceed any other pallet on the market, keeping the load safer.


with a HIPS coating EcoPallet is not only cleaner, but easier to clean than other pallets.

light weight

ideal for high value-low-weight shipments, export shipments, pharmaceuticals and light weight use.

temperature resistant

EcoPallet is capable of withstand the harshest of conditions. the EPS core keeps the pallet shape and structre intact


with a sealed HIPS coating EcoPallet is washable keeping water out.